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Acupuncture is the stimulation of specific acupuncture points on the body in order to improve health and well being, using very thin stainless steel needles. These points are selected by your practitioner through a thorough diagnosis of your condition along Chinese Medical principles. This also takes into account any Western Medical diagnosis you may have from your GP or Specialist for your complaint. By combining 2000 years of documented medical experience with the latest in modern research your Acupuncturists are in a unique position to select the best from both worlds.

All our Acupuncturists are Government Registered Health Professionals giving you the best care possible. Acupuncture sessions may also incorporate other treatment modalities, some of which are listed below.

Dry Needling is a modern term used to describe the practice of inserting needles to relieve muscle pain. It is a very simplified version of one Acupuncture technique and requires no formal training, or sometimes as little as a weekend course. We recommend that you choose an Acupuncturist that has a minimum of a University degree and is Government Registered (AHPRA) to get the safest and best possible treatment.

Acupuncture can assist with a range of health conditions

Acupuncture is a major facet of Traditional Chinese Medicine that has been practiced for more than 2 thousand years and may be able to assist in a variety of health conditions we experience in our daily life. Please contact one of our registered Acupuncturists to see whether it is suitable for your particular problems.

Your first visit to our clinic for acupuncture

When you first visit our clinic, you will be asked to fill out our initial intake form, which will be discussed with you by your practitioner. Treatments generally last an hour, and your acupuncturist will conduct a thorough diagnosis, including taking the pulse on both of your arms, and inspecting your tongue. If you have any medical reports regarding your condition from your G.P or specialist, feel free to bring them and discuss them with your practitioner to aid in the diagnosis.

Your individualized treatment will then be conducted, and may involve several treatment methods including acupuncturemassagecupping and gua sha. Many people report a sensation of calmness and relaxation during and after an acupuncture treatment and our practitioners are always happy to tailor their treatments according to your comfort levels

Followup treatments and health outcomes from acupuncture

Following your treatment, a treatment plan may be discussed, depending on your condition and circumstances. Typically for long term or severe issues, up to four or five treatments may be required to evaluate whether acupuncture can be of benefit to you. Your therapist will then discuss with you their recommended treatment plan or suggest other possibilities that may be more beneficial.

Please contact us if you have any further queries about how acupuncture can assist your health.