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Our Story

Maitland Wellness Centre started in a back room in a dental surgery in Maitland 20 years ago. At the time there was no one offering Acupuncture in Maitland, or indeed between Newcastle and Tamworth. Bjorn had qualified with a Batchelor degree in Acupuncture from the University of Technology in Sydney and undertaken further studies while living and practicing for 5 years in the USA. 

Bjorn returned to Australia with the goal of establishing a professional health clinic in a place that offered a quieter life style than Sydney.  While initial working alone it soon became evident that there was a large demand for high quality Acupuncture and Remedial Massage in Maitland. This has lead to the expansion from the initial one room clinic to today’s multi practitioner clinic in Church Street Maitland. 

Through the different stages of growth Maitland Wellness Centre has stayed focused on attracting the best possible therapists to form a team of highly qualified and experienced Acupuncture, Massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners. At present our 8 therapists have approximately 100 years of experience between them. 

maitland wellness centre reception and receiving area

Our main source of referrals are word of mouth and with more than 12 000 people using our services so far we believe we must be doing something right. All our therapists are committed to continuing their professional development in their field of interest. We believe that one of the great strengths of Maitland Wellness Centre is the diversity of experience in our therapists and how we can book people in with the therapist that we believe are best matched with their needs.

Maitland Wellness Centre is able to harvest the benefits of a multi practitioner practice while also limiting its growth to a size that we can offer personalised care to all our patients as well as maintain a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for both staff and patients.  

Meet Our team

man maitland wellness therapist

Patrick Navia

At sixteen I came to an understanding of an underlying problem in modern medicine. At eighteen I started working as a nurse with an idea that passion is what people/patients needed the most. I came to see that the act of caring was really important for the patients, and it had a strong therapeutic effect. I came to see this as true medicine. Also saw that some people were not getting better in the mainstream medical system which seemed to focus on symptoms rather than finding a cure. Through my early studies I encountered Eastern philosophies which sees diseases from the inside including emotions as a causative factor of disease. This later led me to the study of Acupuncture to further understand how we can balance the physical, mental and emotional aspects of our beings. Stresses in daily life can cause profound physical changes. They can cause a dysregulation in body systems which may need lifestyle related changes rather than just medication to manage the symptoms. People typically need support to make these changes. The clients benefit from an openminded and caring approach in their quest for improved well-being. I’m not against the use of medicine but we need a more balanced approach addressing all aspects of their physical and mental health. I take great pleasure and find it very rewarding to support patients making the necessary adjustments to improve their health and welling. My patients set their own goals and choose the changes they feel are necessary. With my background and knowledge of a Western, Eastern and Naturopathic medicine, I feel confident in supporting the client with complex health problems.

shell brodie maitland wellness therapist

Shell Brodie

Shell Brodie has always had a keen interest in food and exercise and how they can generate deep health. Shell’s own health journey has led her to the understanding that what works for some, does not work for everyone, and that every individual has their own health story to unravel. She combines her Diplomas in Personal Training and Sports Nutrition as well as Precision Nutrition Coaching along with her degrees in Behavioural Science (Psychology) and Health Science (Chinese Medicine) to take a comprehensive view of health and wellness.

Shell loves to learn and is always updating her skills so she can pass on her knowledge to the benefit of her clients but understands that experience is the best teacher of all. Whether through Oriental Medicine, diet, lifestyle, movement or behaviour changes, Shell always aims to finds what resonates most for her clients.

meshelle bell maitland wellness therapist

Meshelle Bell

I first became interested in Chinese Medicine when I was studying Philosophy. From my first class in Chinese Philosophy, I fell in love with the concepts of Yin and Yang and how Chinese Medicine views the body and the patterns within it.

Upon my completion of my degree, I spent two years in China and Taiwan studying and practicing Acupuncture. Learning from the Masters of Chinese Medicine, I gained a greater understanding of both the cultural backgrounds and the vast richness of this great medical tradition. These experiences continue to influence my practice every day in the clinic. As I gain more understanding in my fields of interest, I continue to draw on the richness of this field of medicine.

I love combining the different modalities of Chinese Medicine such as acupuncture, cupping therapy and moxibustion to get the best outcomes for my patients. With over 10 year’s experience as an Acupuncturist, I take great pleasure in seeing women realise their dreams of having children, having happy and healthy babies and being a part of their journey through all stages of life.

Meshelle’s bubbly, vibrant and caring personality is a great asset to the clinic and very much appreciated by her patients.

john crombie maitland wellness therapist

John Crombie

Being able to help others through my massage is what drives me. “I love my job”! I treat all my clients as individuals and tailor each treatment to their individual needs and wants, whether it’s through relaxation, deep tissue, remedial or sports massage.

I have achieved over 25 year’s of knowledge and experience from working with a diverse range of people and their muscular aches and pains. Some of this experience was when I ran my own massage clinic in Glasgow. I thoroughly enjoy providing a great massage and am extremely passionate about its benefits.

Although many of my clients would agree a firm massage is my forte, I can also leave clients floating on air after a treatment. My speciality is back, neck and shoulder problems.

My massage career began when I started playing sports and received subsequent injuries and realised the massive benefits it gave me both physically and mentally. It heightened my performance, especially in ice hockey.

I look forward to meeting and working with you at Maitland Wellness Centre.

bjorn mella maitland wellness therapist

Bjorn Mella

My journey into the field of Traditional Chinese medicine probably started when an injury stopped me from doing the training necessary to pursue elite level sport. An injury that I now believe could have been easily relieved by Acupuncture and Massage. Picking up Hepatitis A from contaminated water a few years later was another experience of the limitations of medicine as I knew it. Spending a year travelling in Asia opened me to cultures vastly different from my upbringing in Norway and led me to a lifelong and ongoing interest in both Eastern and Western traditions in the pursuit of health and happiness. Modern medicine with all its successes and technology, still struggles to deal with a lot of our most common health problems, both physically and mentally. I believe the Art of Medicine lies in the therapist’s combining all their available knowledge and treatments to best suit the individual patient.
When I started out as an Acupuncturist, I would treat everyone to the best of my abilities. I still aim to do that but have found myself focusing my studies and treatments in the fields of pain relief and the management of stress in its many manifestations. I am also fortunate to work with a number of therapists at Maitland Wellness Centre with strong interests in other fields of medicine allowing me to work with my strengths as a therapist.
In my treatments, I continue to practice my skills in diagnosing and applying Acupuncture and Massage to the best of my abilities. I am also very interested in how we can find easy and achievable ways to improve our health in the middle of very busy lives. In my personal Iife, I have an ongoing practice involving Meditation, Tai Chi and Qi Gong. I enjoy my exercise in nature and keeping busy with my family and looking after a bush property. After 35 years in the field I have not yet found perfect health or happiness, but I am still very much enjoying the pursuit and believe I have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

About »

Nongnuch Rungsoi

Nongnuch is a qualified remedial massage therapist with a passion for health and wellbeing. She is skilled in a number of massage techniques such as remedial, sports, deep tissue, pregnancy and trigger point. Having a strong background in Traditional Thai massage, Nongnuch can combine different massage techniques to suit your individual concerns or enjoy a deeply rejuvenating relaxing massage. She has also completed additional training in Myofascial Release and cupping therapy. Nongnuch looks forward to meeting and hopefully treating you in the clinic soon!

robynne buxton maitland wellness therapist


Practice Manager Robynne is responsible for the day-to-day running of the clinic as well as reception and bookings. She works closely with the entire team to bring you the best standard of patient care from the minute you walk through the door. Although Robynne has worked in a number of administrative and reception roles, she finds working at the centre deeply satisfying as it combines her interest in alternative therapies and customer service. In her spare time, Robynne works on her fitness and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

linda rule maitland wellness therapist


Receptionist Linda, our vivacious receptionist is the ‘smiling’ face that greets you upon your arrival or the cheerful voice at the end of the phone. She can assist you with your initial enquiry and manage your appointment’s schedule. Being highly professional and positive, Linda looks forward to assisting you to bring you the best standard of patient care. Linda enjoys spending her free time with her family and friends.