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Acupuncture – What to Expect

What to expect from an acupuncture session

When you arrive for your first consultation you will be required to fill out a questionnaire. This enables the therapist to get an overview of your health history. A general physical examination is conducted and you will be asked a number of questions regarding your condition to enable a diagnosis to be made from a Chinese Medicine perspective. The therapist will then discuss your therapeutic options with you and commence treatment.

Your first acupuncture session

Acupuncture sessions including consultation and treatment take approximately one hour. This involves the insertion of fine single use stainless steel needles into various points on the body. You may feel a sting upon insertion of the needle although the discomfort is usually minimal.

Acupuncture can be very relaxing

Most people find acupuncture treatments relaxing. The acupuncturist may manipulate the needles to obtain De Qi (to get the energy to come to the needle). This feeling is most often described as a tingling, numbness, or a heavy, achy feeling. This is all perfectly normal, but it is best to let your therapist know if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort. In some instances you may feel nothing at all. This is also perfectly normal.

Assessment of your reaction and additional treatments

You will be regularly reassessed during the treatment to determine if you require any additional needles, or if other methods may be incorporated such as MassageCuppingElectro acupunctureGua Sha, or Moxibustion.

Treatment plan for your health with acupuncture

As acupuncture is a therapy that works on the whole body rather than just the presenting symptoms, a course of treatments is individually tailored by the therapist. The number of treatments suggested will vary from patient to patient and for different conditions. Generally a treatment plan of 1-2 times a week for 2-4 weeks is recommended.

Massage as part of your acupuncture treatment

In the treatment of musculo-skeletal problems the Acupuncturist will often incorporate some massage into the treatment to further relax or loosen tightness in the soft tissue around the painful area. A variety of specific techniques may be used according to the specific problems and the Acupuncturist’s training and expertise.

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