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Menopause and Later Life

“Up to 40 God looks after your health, after 40 it is wise to give her a hand” – (unknown)

Menopause is known as ‘Second Spring’ in China, and can be a celebration of a turning point in a woman’s life: a renewal of energy and the start of new potentials.  In the West, menopause is often made to sound as if it is a disease, and that there is something wrong with a woman’s body when she goes through menopause.  Some women, if they are out of healthy balance will suffer from well identified symptoms of menopause, such as hot flushes, drop in energy, drop in libido, and increase in emotional sensitivity, and it is here that acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can assist.  Chinese Medicine treatments provide the body the chance to ‘rebalance’ during and after the major hormonal shift that menopause can be, making the transition smoother and more manageable.  Our practitioners can also provide valuable information on foods and exercises that can help women enter this important and valuable stage of their lives and remain vital and healthy throughout the change.

an old woman is having a hard time in her menopausal