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Yoga Pose for Christmas

Tree Pose promotes poise and calm, handy for the silly season.

  • Stand evenly on both feet, then, when you have your balance, shift your weight onto one foot, placing the other foot either on the inside ankle, calf or thigh of the standing leg.
  • Raise your arms up and visualise yourself spreading roots down to the ground through your standing legs, and reaching up to the sky with your arms.
  • Hold the pose as long as you can with easy breathing, then change sides.  Note: if you have one side that seems easier to balance than the other, spend a little more time on your unsteady side.
  • This pose strengthens the shoulders, abdominal muscles, hip abductors, small ankle and foot muscles, concentration and balance.  It stretches the back muscles (latissimus dorsi) and hip abductors.


By Michelle Brodie

illustration of man in a christmas tree and having yoga routine