Moxa is a traditional Chinese herb (commonly known as Mugwort in the Western world) that is dried and rolled into sticks. These sticks are lit and held over acupuncture points or area of pain until a gentle warming sensation is achieved.

Acupuncture is often used in conjunction with Moxibustion but this will depend on your therapist and your specific circumstances.


How does moxibustion work?

There is no concrete Western Medical research on how Moxibustion works. In Chinese Medicine it is most commonly used to stimulate Acupuncture points to strengthen particular functions in the body. The gentle warmth of Moxibustion is said to increase the circulation of Qi and Blood to areas of deficiency (chronic dull ache) or disperse Cold (strong localized pain.

Are there any side effects?

Acupuncture and/or Moxa are considered to be very safe and side effect free treatments. All needles used are sterile and are unwrapped prior to treatment and disposed of immediately after treatment. The Moxa may at times become uncomfortably warm but this is easily adjusted and not detrimental. There are some contraindications to using Moxa in Chinese Medicine so it may not be appropriate for you.

How much does it cost?

The cost of an acupuncture treatment is $97 for an initial treatment and $90 for subsequent treatments. Any moxa used in treatments is included in this.

The cost of Moxa sticks varies and depends on the type of Moxa, but they are generally inexpensive (approx. $1 to $4 dollar/stick for home treatments).

Can I claim it on my health fund?

All the Acupuncturists at Maitland Wellness Centre are registered providers and you will be able to claim a health fund rebate if you are covered for Acupuncture with your health fund. Rebates vary between health funds and levels of cover.

Where do I go for treatment?

It is important that you seek treatment from a fully qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner.

You can find a registered provider of acupuncture through the AACMA (Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association) website.

At Maitland Wellness Centre our acupuncturists; Bjorn Mella, Meshelle Bell, Michelle Brodie and Patricio Navia are all registered with AACMA and with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia, the government run register of Acupuncturists.