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Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas

What herbs are in TCM?

Herbs and herbal formulas form an integral part of Chinese Medical therapy. The use of herbs has been prevalent traditionally for thousands of years, and was extensively studied and codified by traditional Chinese Medical doctors. More recently, increasing amounts of research is being conducted into how many traditional herbs and their active ingredients work in the body. One such example is pseudo-ephedrine, which owes its active ingredient origins to the Ephedra sinica plant, known as Ma Huang, in Chinese Medicine.

Sourced from flowers, roots, seeds and minerals

Most Chinese herbs are sourced from the flower, root or seed of many plants traditionally from China, but now also from other countries, due to historical contact between cultures, and a growing global demand for consistently high quality herbs.  Some Chinese herbs are mineral based, and some may be animal based, for instance, oyster shell. These individual herbs are combined to create formulas, many of which were developed by classical Traditional Chinese doctors, and masters in their field.

Herbs in conjunction with other health treatments

Chinese herbs may be suggested by your therapist to aid your treatment. The herbs are in a pill, capsule, or granulated form. The formula may vary according to your condition and may change from week to week, as your condition changes. If you prefer to use the herbs without acupuncture, we suggest an herbal consultation to determine which formula bests suits your needs. As with all medicines, it is important to have a clear diagnosis prior to taking medication.

Please note, herbs are an additional cost to your acupuncture treatment fee.

We stock a wide range of Chinese herbs

The range of herbal products we stock include a large selection of Black Pearl and China Med. If we do not have a particular formula you require in stock, we may also be able to order it in through our suppliers.