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The study of Health, Medicine and Wellbeing is never ending. There are vast amounts of knowledge from the past and developed in different cultures and languages that has only recently been made available to us in the West. We have also hopefully come a long way from dismissing other traditions as superstition as of no value to modern medicine. While there has been an inherit tension between East and West, Old and New, we can hopefully move towards learning from all traditions and letting the wisdom of all traditions inspire us on our path to wellbeing. In practicing medicine we can let best practice be inspired and guided by different traditions while allowing new research inform us about how to get the best outcome for our patients.

On the following pages we will try to post articles, links and suggestions that may be useful for anyone that are interested these topics in more depth. All our therapists undertake Continual Professional Development as well as read and study extensively their field of interest. If you are looking for any more information on any of these (or other) topics chances are that a quick chat or email with one of our therapists can help you on your way.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Massage, Acupuncture, and Traditional Chinese Medicine Resources DEFINITIONS QI Pronounced as “chee”, Qi is the vital energy that flows throughout