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Treating Children

Paediatric Acupuncture and Massage have developed to a very high level in China and Japan, with paediatric massage (xiaoer tui na = small person massage) developing in China and Shonishin (little person needle) coming out of Japan. Herbal formulas specifically formulated for children are also available in Australia. 


Acupuncture can be performed with traditional Chinese acupuncture needles, which are extremely fine, sterile single use stainless steel needles, or without needles using needle free massage, gua sha, or micro-current. Micro-current involves a hand held device that puts a tiny electrical current on an acupuncture point to stimulate the child’s energy, there is no insertion, and typically the children barely feel it. The techniques and methods used will be tailored to the needs and age of each child. 

Health Diagnosis

An initial consultation will involve meeting the child and you the parent, and getting to know each other to discuss the problems the child is having. Often diet and lifestyle will be discussed, as well as issues surrounding the condition.

Depending on how comfortable your child is, a massage treatment may be conducted, usually on the arms and legs and you will also be provided with massage information that you can do at home on your child. The massage information is geared at specific areas of the body that are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat your child’s condition. This is also often a gentle method to introduce acupuncture later on, and is a lovely way to bond with your child.

Treatments for children typically don’t take as long as those for adults, and if needles are inserted, they are generally only retained for seconds to minutes depending on the age of the child. Most children, once they get used to the clinic and their environment, have no issues with treatments, and often come to enjoy them.

One of our practitioners, Shell Brodie, has undertaken a six month mentorship program in paediatric acupuncture.

Please contact us if you have any further questions about treatments for children.