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Short Term Relief or Long Term Care. THREE Different Types of Treatment

As there are many different reasons to visit Maitland Wellness Centre there are also many different expectations of the treatments we offer. So that you can achieve the benefits that you are looking for it is important that you let your therapist know what your goals are.

The one off treatment. Sometimes you may just be after a good massage after a big weekend in the garden or a “good rub” for a sore back. Sometimes the stresses of life gets a bit too much and a relaxing session of Acupuncture or some herbs to help relax may be all you want. This is of course perfectly fine and we believe we do it well.


Some health problems are not that serious and can often be helped with a very short course of treatments even if very painful or otherwise debilitating. This is most often the case when the problem is resent or has a clear cause.

Long term care

Some health problems are chronic, reoccurring or part of a complex pattern of health issues. These are often long standing and require a careful treatment plan that is formulated in discussions between the patient and their therapist. They may also involve a number of different medical practitioners all working together. Traditional Chinese Medicine can often be very useful in explaining how all the different signs and symptoms, both physical and emotional fits together. So while different specialists offers their in-depth knowledge of the different parts it can be a relief to get a coherent explanation that takes in you as a whole person, more than a collection of individual parts.

the man is doing an acupuncture treatment