Wouldn’t it be nice in Summer…



Balance And Moderation

What we do in summer in regard to health or lack off, will have consequences in autumn and winter. By following the season, one is practicing preventative medicine. In other words, what we do now will have consequence into tomorrow. What we do in summer will determine what happens in the coming seasons. Over-indulgence in the festive season is all well and fine, but practice moderation during our hot, fiery summer months, or else it injures the energy of the heart.

little girl picking flowers in field

A Time Of Abundance

It is usually a time of plenty, of blooming and fruitfulness. Also, for most of us it means holidays and vacation, providing an opportunity to communicate with the outside world, of mingling one’s qi with nature’s qi, of late nights and early wake ups. This is balance and normal, less sleep during the time of summer. We can see this during daylight saving, more to do and enjoy, less to hide away in our homes. This is the right response to the vitality of summer and a way of growth and cultivating life.

Thus keep well hydrated, seek cooling herbs and good friendships.


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