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Wouldn’t it be nice in Summer…

PATRICIO NAVIA   Balance And Moderation What we do in summer in regard to health or lack off, will have consequences in autumn and winter. By following the season, one is practicing preventative medicine. In other words, what we do now will have consequence into tomorrow. What we do in summer will determine what happens […]

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Five Elements Summer Salad (Rainbow Salad)

Bean Mix 1 tin organic chickpeas 1 tin organic diced tomatoes 1 small red onion grated 1 small carrot grated 1 small zucchini grated 3-4 mushrooms grated 1 tsp coriander ground 1 tsp cumin 1 tsp paprika salt/pepper to taste Salad ¼ cup quinoa cooked 1 small cucumber sliced ¼ avocado chopped 3 cherry tomatoes […]

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