Mindfulness based stress reduction

Mindfulness based stress reduction

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is an eight week course that teaches evidenced based techniques to reduce stress. It is helpful to people who are suffering a range of chronic conditions including pain, anxiety and depression. The course is run over eight weekly classes of 2.5 hours and there is a full day retreat on a Sunday between week 6 and 7.

Participants will be invited to explore the following practices:

  • Experiencing body and mind through yoga and meditation
  • Informal and formal mindfulness practices
  • Lying down body scan, mindful breathing and walking meditation
  • Mindful communication and inquiry related to home practice
  • Exploration of patterns of thinking, feeling and action

The MBSR course is taught by Bjorn Mella, who completed his training at the University of Massachusetts Medical School under Jon Kabat-Zinn. For information on future classes or enquiries please contact the clinic.
For more information on the course go to www.openground.com.au

There are currently no new courses scheduled. Bjorn continues to work with individual patients combining Acupuncture with Mindfulness exercises.