Focusing on the Positive



It is now the end of January and for the people that made New Year’s resolutions it is probably time to once again face that we failed to change our lives because of the change of dates. Gym memberships are up but by now visits to the gym are coming back to normal levels. The anticipated increase in self discipline and motivation did not come about.happy animal sitting on flower

Why not focus on something we love to do instead, and let’s face it for most of us it is not going to the gym. What is the one thing that you would love to do and if you did it regularly you know that it would make a big difference to your life?

What do you love to do? What makes you excited, puts a smile on your face? What would you do if ………………….. ? Is there any way you could make a small beginning, find a way to tap into that good feeling of doing something you really enjoy? While psychologists talk about delayed gratification, instant gratification is a lot of fun too. Regular exercise will ensure that you are a lot fitter and healthier in six months. A short stroll outside will probably make you feel a lot better in six minutes.

There is a lot of focus on what we should be doing to stay healthy; exercise more, eat less, drink less, eat more vegies, sleep more. But what would happen if we focused on having more fun, smile more and generally allow ourselves to feel good. It may be a cup of tea in the garden, five minutes to sit and rest or making sure we spend some time pottering in the shed.

For most of us the most common complaint is the lack of time but is it not the case that we often choose to fill our days with things that really are not that important. If we long for peace and quiet maybe try to turn the radio off in the car or sit quietly for 5 minutes before we turn on the screen. Most of us in the Hunter have been incredibly blessed with no fires this summer and no big tragedies in our lives. Surely, we can find a few minutes here and there to enjoy our good fortune, and smile while doing something we enjoy. And it is probably really, really good for our health and wellbeing as well.


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